What is CN2 Global Internet Access (CN2 GIA)?

GIA is the highest level line in CN2. Theoretically, this is the fastest and most stable China route that cloud service providers can provide. CN2 GIA is rarely congested and can provide the highest speed, redundancy and lowest latency

How much cost dose CN2 network?

Due to the high cost of setting up CN2 GT and GIA dedicated lines, the number of users is not large. For example, China Telecom's exclusive CN2 GIA dedicated line with 1G bandwidth can cost HKD700,000-800,000, and many corporate users will be discouraged. At present, there are not many ECS suppliers that can provide CN2 GIA, and MICROUD is one of them. With the CN2 line directly connected to China, you can easily experience the fast, efficient, safe, and stable CN2 GIA cloud service experience at an affordable price in response to the growth of your business.

CN2 network Core Advantages

CN2 uses IP/MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching), which provide high-performance network indicators.

Fast and smooth

According to the implementation of QoS (Quality of Service) measures on domestic lines during peak hours, CN2 lines have a higher priority and are unimpeded even during peak hours

Fast connection between China and HK

CN2 quickly connects Hong Kong to China, and the delay from Hong Kong to China is <50 ms

High stability

Enjoy a high degree of redundancy, even if one of the lines fails, it will intelligently switch to the backup line

Low packet loss rate

In order to maintain the stability of the service, the utilization rate of the CN2 line does not exceed 50% of the entire network utilization rate, so that the packet loss rate is low, and the speed is stable and not crowded.

One-to-one professional architects guide the design of the plan, and the professional service team in Hong Kong makes sure that the customer's business inquiries regarding.
7*24*365 days real-time monitoring status of the power supply system and network environment, d keep abreast of network line fluctuations.
MICROUD has a professional technical support team, to provide customers with 365x24*7 operation and maintenance technical support, timely and perfect handling of any failures.