How many people can be online with 1M bandwidth? How to choose bandwidth?

First of all, we must know the factors that affect the number of people online
1. Visits
2. Website type: If it is a text-based website (such as a novel website), 1M bandwidth drives an average of 5000 IPs per day; if it is a normal website with pictures, text, forums, news and information type websites, about 1M can drive 1000 IPs . Taking into account the peak concurrency, the 1M peak period will be stuck. Calculate how many people can be online at the same time with 1M bandwidth based on influencing factors: (premises that the network is in good condition)
1. Open the website within 8 seconds;
2. What is judged is only: the speed at which users download files from the cloud server;
3. The standard size of the page is: 60KB;
Calculation reference formula: Support to connect individuals = server bandwidth/page size
Calculated according to the page size of 60KB, that is, the number of people connected to the bandwidth of 1Mbps=1M/60KB=1024KB/60KB=17;
Therefore, it is known that each 1M bandwidth can support 17 people online at the same time;
1M bandwidth can support less than 3000 IPs per day. If the web pages are relatively large, the number of supportable ones will be reduced compared to that.
(The above calculation method is for reference only)
How to choose server bandwidth?
This depends on the type of website or server, generally speaking:
1) For corporate websites or blogs with low traffic, just choose the basic version (1-5m bandwidth is sufficient);
2) CDN, acceleration, video, game, software download, music online audio-visual, flash, online film and television, etc. It is recommended to choose large bandwidth (above 50M bandwidth)