How to choose Hong Kong virtual host?

With the increasingly troublesome website registration, more and more individuals and corporate users choose to use Hong Kong virtual hosts, because Hong Kong hosts do not need to be registered, and there is no difference in telecommunications and China Unicom. Moreover, Hong Kong\'s access speed is quite fast, not only domestic, but also international bandwidth. However, the current virtual hosting market is mixed and the quality is uneven. So what issues should we pay attention to when buying Hong Kong virtual hosting?
1. Test speed
Before purchasing, it is best to test the access speed of the website on the server, and it is best to test in time periods, so that the effect can be clearly known.
2. Server permission issues
Understand whether the host space limits resources, such as traffic, CPU, memory, etc. Before buying, it is best to test the space, if there are too many restrictions, there will be many problems.
3. The host supports scripts
Understand the situation. The scripting language supported by the virtual host. Some hosts only support one language and cannot be replaced.
4. After-sales service
Considering after-sales service is an important factor in choosing a service provider. You can consider how fast the company can solve problems and whether it responds quickly. It is best to help you solve the problem.
5. Configuration and price
Although the price issue is not an important basis for reference, it is important to remember that although the more expensive the better, the cheaper the cheaper, the better, so when choosing, we should refer to the above factors and choose the right price.
Configuration is also important. The main thing is to understand the needs of your website first, and then choose a suitable host based on these.